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You'll need a VISA for visiting China. You'll get it in china embassy.

To get through customs you'll need a VISA in mainland China. Except Hong kong and if you are just staying 72 hours. If you have to stay on an airport like Beijing or Shanghai you are able to visit the city if you are able to show the customs a flight ticket that show them you booked a seat for a flight leaving in 72 hours. Hong kong does not require VISA as long as you stay for 90 days. This you'll get by applying on . First time I applied for visa here I got confused because there is a lot of unknown data they want in their application. I then called my visa service in Sweden and heard that a lot of these data is not necessary to fill in. So my advice is that you call your local visa service and then ask them what you'll need to fill in here. You'll find most telephone numbers to embassy and visa service on visaforchina.

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Human Resources and Payroll in China

This guide provides a firm understanding of China's laws and regulations on human resources and payroll management, offering essential coverage for foreign investors.

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A picture from Pudong airport
last autumn, November 2016.

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Remember to bring a kind of cup or bottle to this airport if you would like some hot water. Their papercups where nearly impossible to hold and they tear apart directly.

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Take a trip. It is an experience you'll never forget.

You'll find about 18 hotels on Pudong airport here

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