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A flight-ticket to China is quite cheap or affordable today. The flight does not cost more then a trip to Athens or the canary islands.

If you are travelling from a smaller village in europe you often start on a smaller aircraft. I started on Landvetter airport in Gothenburg with this Aerospatiale and then changed to an airbus 340-300 on Kastrup in Copenhagen.

2 yuan
The smaller plane is a bit tiny on the inside but if you are just going for an hour it is no problem with space.

I where quite satisfied with sas on this trip.

On Kastrup in Copenhagen I changed to an airbus instead and got plenty of more space. The only problem I had where when I went back from Pudong airport that the staff on the airport where not able to speak english too good and that one seat in the plane where ruined. I got another seat so I didn't suffer anything from this other then it took me a long time to find the right gate.

good food
I enjoyed the food. I did not have to sit hungry on this flight.

choose your food
On the display in front of you you'll get a map with the current destination. You are also able to see current speed, height, temperature and a lot of other stuff while flying. In this display you are able to see hundreds of movies, documentaries and tv shows so you do not need to get bored during the flight.

You could also download a couple of language courses in chinese at home and then check them with your mobile, laptop, surfboard or on the screen. Check it out here>>>

se pa film
I would recommend that you bring a proper headset with you because the simpler headset they give you on the flight is not the best.

I see that you are now able to get better wifi while flying with SAS. They call it iPass and gives you a good connection while flying or on airports. The first month should be free and then you pay around 12€ a month. Could be a reasonable price if you fly a lot with them. Read more on

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This program finds the most affordable flight tickets down to China. Many others too. They search for offers on 40 sights over internet. I beleive you are able to get here for 350$ from London and maybe 400$ from L.A on a return ticket.

UK Skyscanner 120 x 60
This one search on 30 different sights to find the cheapest price and best dates to make the flight.

Tripadvisors tips on what to see in Wuxi China, travelchinaguides tips

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