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Using the different public transportation is affordable.

If you compare with the prices in europe you'll get a lot for your money by going with bus here.

You'll see buses nearly 24/7 in Wuxi and other cities in China. They are small and can be quite noisy because the maintenance of the buses are not the best. I remember a dangerous trip from Suzhou railwaystation to the museum of China in Suzhou where I hit the ceiling with my head as soon as the bus passed humps in the road. However it is a cheap way to get from one place to another in many chinese cities.

2 yuan
You put 2 yuan coins in a small container near the bus driver and then you are able to sit on the bus as long as you wish. You could use 2 yuan when you are going to the big Lingshan Buddha.

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Avoid using the public transportation in the morning or afternoon when people are going to and from work.

choose your food
Since a couple of years ago most of the public transportation are showing a display in english. See more here>>>

Tickets for train, subway and buses are you able to get thorugh different ATM:s on th different stations. Most chinese people do not speak english but the ATM:s mostly got an english display to choose from.

Take the opportunity to try the highspeed trains when you are here.

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Good service, comfortable seats and you are able to go nearly everywhere in China for an affordable price. Some more tickets here>>>

hrc pa insidan
You've got convenient seats, got toilets, there is coming staff with food and soda. Then you also got the mandatory tap with warm water between the wagons. Here you are able to get warm water for your coffee, tea or noodles. You'll find english timetables for train and subways on>>>

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