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In the cities you'll find big western supermarkets like walmart and carrefour

You find Walmart on two places in wuxi. I think the biggest is by Chunshen Rd, Beitang Qu

Walmart is a quite big building in the center of Wuxi. You'll find walmart on Chunshen Rd, Beitang Qu

2 yuan
From one direction in the bottom of the mall you'll pass the "food square" where you'll find about 10 different restaurants from fast food to more "todays lunch"-restaurants. On this picture you see one of these standing close to eachothers on the first floor. This one serves different dishes like noodle soup to dumplins. You're able to get a descent meal here from 9 yuan(about 1 $). You are also able to buy falaffel, pizza and kebab in the other kitchens beside this one.

A popular vehicle in China is the electric scooter. You are able to buy one at walmart for around 3400 Yuan(around 400$) that should be able to run 80 Kilometers an hour.

levande fisk
I saw more unusual things like living fish sold here. I beleive we had it in Denmark and Sweden during the sixties. I haven't seen this in ordinary supermarkets in sweden or Denmark for a very long time.

faxe beer
In walmart you find a lot of imported stuff like this danish beer Faxe. They sold this one for 7 or 8 yuan. I beleive this is one of the big markets for this danish brewery but I am not able to imagine how they are making any profit of it because it is made in Denmark and then shipped down here.

shop in shop
In this mall you'll find hundreds of different smaller shops that era renting  place here.
You'll find other walmart shops in other cities on

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