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In wuxi there is a lot of foreign supermarkets like Auchan, Walmart, IKEA, Carrefour and Tesco .

Here you are able to buy everything from a noodle to a car. I saw a lot of imported stuff down here. Imported stuff is quite popular in China and I beleive there is quite a big market for this kind of stuff in China.

Walmart is quite a big supermarket in Wuxi
. You'll find two walmarts in Wuxi. This big mall you'll find on Chunshen Rd, Beitang Qu

2 yuan
Center 66 is a big mall with everything from subwaystation to restaurants, stores and gym. You'll find it near Wenlong plaza in the middle of Wuxi.

I think this was the best toilet in Wuxi. Here are staff helping you find soap and papers. The toilets are clean and you also got a place to sit and wait on the outside.

toilet on mcdonalds
This is how many toilets on McDonalds in China looks like. I do not think many of us european knows how to make number two on one of these.

levande fisk
Powerlong is another big mall with hundred of shops you'll find it on Baoli Plaza. Not to far from Green Inn hotel

carre four
In the big mall powerlong you'll find hundred of store like carrefour.

marks and spencer china
This is Marks & Spencer on No. 1 Guanqian Street, Pingjiang District, Suzhou. You also finds it in Shanghai and Beijing.

ikea in wuxi
Also Ikea is big in China. This store you'll find close to the railway when you are going from Wuxi to Shanghai on 1 Tuanjie Middle Rd, Xishan Qu, Wuxi Shi, Jiangsu In Wuxi city you also got an Ikea restaurant. This restaurant has been a popular place for some kind of elders dating in the restaurant. The IKEA staff where not happy with this behaviour because all these older people occupied nearly all seats and did not buy anything from the menu. Read more on South China Morning Post>>>

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