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Carrefour is a big french company and you've got a couple of these supermarkets in Wuxi China. This one covers two floors.

I saw a lot of foreign shops down here. Auchan, Walmart, IKEA and Tesco where you are able to buy both imported and local groceries.

On bottom floor you'll find toys, clothes, husehold appliances, electronics, shoes and other things.

2 yuan
The second floor contains food like noodles, imported food, frozen, vegetables, beer, soda and everything you'll need. You could also other a container with warm food from one of the places here. You just pointed on what you would like in your small contaiener and the stuff put it together, put a price tag on the parcel and then you pay the parcel by the checkout.

I must say the vegetable disks where huge. Here you are able to buy every vegetable you've heard of and also items that we usually haven't dreamed of. Like Seaweed, living fishes, hundreds of different spices, fruit yes everything.

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