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Looks like Mark Zuckenberg succeeded in getting one facebook app in to China

facebook coming to china?
CNN and lot of other medias tells us that the Moment from facebook is starting in China.

Facebook was already banned in July 2009. Just as with other social media. Youtube, Instagram, etc. However, Mark Zuckerberg has now succeeded in releasing an app called coulorful baloons via a Chinese company by the name off Youge LCC. Colorful balloons are facebook's moments transformed into the Chinese market. With colorful ballons, you can share pictures, videos, and more via your smartphone or computer, and resemble a lot of youtube or similar apps. Nowhere is the name facebook visible. However, you will need to register a Chinese phone number to access the app. We will see how long the Chinese government succeeds in keeping development beyond its limits. It's probably not long. New York Times are skeptical of the appearance when youge LCC's office turns out to be in a shabby office in eastern Beijing. The room number was not found either. The question is how the Censorship in China reacts to a mailbox company. It does not usually go well in other places.

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