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Xue Fuchengs recidence tells the story of the last dynasty in China. The Qing dynasty.

Xue Fucheng where on of them who introduced western tradition in China. You find a lot about trading, silkcraftmanship and how a chinese diplomat looked like in the 19:th century. You'll also get a lot information about the wars during this period in China. Amongst others the big opium war where the Brittish empire made money by smuggeling thousand tons of opium to China. This gave the result that one third of the population around Canton became opium addicts. Then you also see stories about the sino japanese war where then Empress, Cixi, had used all the money for defence to a emperial palace.

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The diplomats where moved by these wagons during the 19:th century. This is also a special type of outfit for the chinese diplomats where you are able to read what rank this diplomat had amongst rest of the officials. There where also difference on how many carriers or workers the diplomats may use due to service in the court.

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You see a lot of nice decorations like this womderful porcelain wase inside.

mycket klader
here you see a part of the wardrobe diplomats and other officials around the emperor had to wear. It was many different types of clothes depending on reasons for the visit, time of year and range of the official. The yellow dragon you see on a lot of these clothes where only weared by these who where serving directly under the emperor. Then if you dressed wrong you could get a real heavy punishment like being flogged or, if you where wearing very wrong even punished with death.

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I found it very interesting seeing craftmanship for silk embrodery in the back of the big building. Here you see weavers working with the very thin silkstrings to make them even thinner amd are struggeling for getting excactly the right colour for the embrodery on the silk.

utgar fran en mall
The weavers are using a picture, make a sketch on the silk for then using the picture for getting the colours in proper shade.

huishan temple fair
very thin needles and a string that is even thinner. This is not a work for the myopic.

Silk is a very old product from this city and during the 19:th century the production increased by using of this kind of machines. The penultimate emperor, Guangxo, started a reform that took away much of the bureaucracy that made it diffficult for traders to sell their goods. He also supported increased silk production and introduced modern methods for the industries.

museum of china
In the last room you'll se some of the collections that where stored here. I recommend a visit. Lot of jade and old craftmanship.

gamla reliker
Some of the collections in here. A good piece of jade and some fossils in the background.

You find the museum on 152 Xueqian St, ZhongShan Lu, Chongan Qu, Wuxi Shi, Jiangsu Sheng  and you pay 40 yuan for the entrance(about 5$).

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