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Wuxi museum is quite a big building so you'll see it far away.

This is a building that looks like an opera. What I felt where difficult where that there where nearly no description in english. They had some applications you could download to your smartphone and then got an english guide you could get description in english, german and french. There is no fee for entrance so I where thinking "why not?".

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You'll fing Wuxi museum on Taihu square and you get here by taking bus 5, 29, 31 or 81 to Jinkuiqiao(Yunhe East Road) Stationa. I show you a map here.

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Wuxi is known for their clay figures in clear colours that where developed during 6-7000 BC. They got a good increase during the period of three kingdoms 200-280 BC. In west part of Wuxi there is an old part of town called Hushian ancient town not far from Xihui park (east gate). This is a kind of model built with clay figurines and houses.

Some typical clay figures from this time in China. Clear colours and remarkable craftmanship.

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Other things you should see are these teapots in clay. It was actually from the city of Shanghai many ships sailed between Gothenburg and china during the 18:th and 19:th century to Gothenburg carrying, china, spices and fur. Today Shanghai is a "friendtown" to Gothenburg.

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You also see finds from the stoneage and later. This is from the ground floor. Did you know that many scientists say that Wuxi means "no tin". That should be because in the bronce age you had a lot of tin and copper in the ground here but later the tin mines got empty and that should be the reason why the name got changed to "no tin". You can read more about that on wikipedia. I've been asking some of the inhabitants in Wuxi and they say that is not true. Well, I'll see what other chinese scientists say later.

On the second floor they are showing a lot of exhibitions with the trade of silk from these sussoundings. Also about the increase of trade in the last decades of the 19:th century. This where after Qing dynasty reformed the law and made it easier for traders in China by making the old bureaucratic system disappear.

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