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In Suzhou you've got the china museum where you see collections of art from stoneage til now.

The museum got a famous architecture made by the chinese-american architect I.M Pei. It is said that this should be the last architecture made by this famous man. Read more about it on wikipedia. Here you'll get in for no fee. Free entrance.

Suzhou museum got many famous collections.

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This olive green, lotus shaped wase, where found in Huqiu Pagoda(Yunyan Pagoda), Tiger Hill, Suzhou while workers tried to straighten up this leaning tower. Huqiu Pagoda is often called chinas leaning tower and is staying quite central in Suzhou. 1956 a trial to get the tower straight again with concrete took place and during this work a lot of antiques where found inside and near the tower. The tower is soon 2000 years old and is rebuilt many times during the centuries. The design you see today where made during the time of the five dynasties and where finished by Song dynasty 960 AC. You can read more about the tower on english wikipedia, travelchinaguide and

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You see ancient remnants from stone to Bronce/iron age. Like these ceramic figures from bronceage.

I saw a lot of collections from the Qing dynasty(1644-1911).

This museum where started by 1960 but then got rebuilt with a design made by the famous architect I.M. Pei. This architect has made a design for Louvren in paris, John F: Kennedy library in Massachussets and the museum for islamic art in Qatar. Read more about this architect on Wikipedia. This museum conatins 15000 squaremeters exhibition hall and a quite impressing inneryard with ponds containing big goldfish. You find the museum on 204 Dongbei St, Gusu Qu, Suzhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, Kina, 215000

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