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Another thing to see in Wuxi is the great Lingshan Buddha.

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. In the area of Lingshan you'll see, what it's said to be, the worlds biggest statue in copper. I am not sure because I see a Spring Temple Buddha in Fodushan Scenic Area in Lushan County, Henan. That one should be 128 meters high while Lingshan Buddha is "just" 88 meters high. However the last one is not made in copper. Anyway it is a great experience to see this huge statue and all stones, buildings and rest of environment here. You'll see the statues from a long distance because it stands on a big building 60 meters up in the air. The area Lingshan is big and you'll have to walk a couple of kilometers from the gate to reach the statue.

On the way up to this big buddha you'll pass a lot of buildings and other statues.

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This is Bodhi avenue that ends in a lotus statue with seven dragons that, ackording to the legend, should have given the new born Buddha a shower after his birth. Ackording to the legend should Sakyamuni, the man that created the Buddhism, be able to speak and walk directly after his birth. Where he walked it grew lotus flowers and when he then pointed at the sky with one hand and the other to the ground there where suddenly created two ponds. After this there where seven dragons that gave him a shower. He should then have been telling that there should not be any better then him between heaven and earth. This statue will, during the day, give a spectacle with water that symbolise his birth. On the sides of Bodhi avenue there is 126 Gingko trees that should represent a long life and happiness.

A 1400 years old Gingko tree.

the tree of the god
On the area there is a 1400 years old Gingko tree. It should be planted in the 8:th century to act as the god Xiangfu and his temple near by. The area is actually an old place with Budhist temples and a lot of history from the Buddhism in China.

On the way you see a lot of embodiments like this "temptations for Buddha" where he is collecting power by resisting temptations. On the sides of Buddha you see naked womens, warriors that are trying to provoce him and other types of temptations.

porslin och fajans
You'll also pass this Buddhist temple where you are able to see a couple of buddhist preasts perform a Buddhist chant. It is said that you should avoid taking pictures of these priests because you risk health and family luck if you do. If you've got a Buddha statuett on you you should raise it up and hold in front of you. You then have freeze and stay completely calm during the session. I do not take pictures of these monks just to show them my respect.

long and high stairs
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After a couple of kilometers you eventually reach the stairs to the Buddha. I see a lot of people struggeling to get up here.

buddhist expo, everything about buddhism in China
To get up to the foot of Buddha you'll pass a kind of museum called "Lingshan buddhist culture expo" where you see different ways that people through China been worshipping the Buddha.

In this spot you also got a good wifi to use. I managed getting 100 MB here with my smartphone.

Buddhas feets
On the top you'll see Buddhas feets, a spectacular view of the landscape and Tai hue lake. On these tables people has offered food to the Buddha.

By 6 pm the center shuts down. If you managed to go through the whole area you need a rest. I promise. The easiest way to get here is by bus 88 or 91 from Wuxi railwaystation. I beleive the bus stop by the entrance is the last one for these buses. You'll see some more pictures from here out on my photoblogg>>>

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