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It seems like the chinese are very proud of their history and are trying to keep it displayed in museums.

I felt like there where museums everywhere. Some where difficult to find while others where easy to discover.

Lingshan Buddha is something beyond the ordinary.

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Lingshan Buddha
A wide area with replicas on buildings and even real finds from this old place for buddhism through thousand of years. You'll find this place just south west of wuxi. See google maps>>>

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City of 3 kingdoms
. Is, actually, a huge tv recording studio for cctv:s famous serie "The romance of the three kingdoms". You'll find a lot of replicas from old buildings, weapons, clothes and ships as they looked like during the period of Han dynasty between 220 BC and 280 AC. You also see a lot of descriptions in english on different scenes in the tv series and history of those. An interesting place to spend a whole day.

Silkmuseum in Suzhuo
is famous for its marvellous portrait of Queen Elisabeth You also see a lot of wonderful works of silk embroidery.I've also placed some photos from this visit on my photoblogg.

museum of china
The china museum in Souzhu
is also worth a visit. The museum, itself, looks like an art of architectory. Inside you got a lot of different museums like historic arts like pots, weapons, jade and beside you got other exhibitions about gardening during thousands of years, another one with inkstones, one with folklore and many others. You could need a week to see all the collections. Free entrance.

wuxi museum
Wuxi museum you'll find quite central in Wuxi
. Also got free entrance. The only problem I had with this museum where that I did not find any descriptions in English. Just in chinese. You'll need to download an application to understand some of it.

xue fuecheng
Xue Fuechengs residency
tells us about the last hundred years of Qing dynasty in China. You also see a lot about the silkproduction in this area, toys during the 19:th century, how the diplomates worked, all wars during this century and a lot of collections.

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