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When something else is going on like fashion show in the sportcenter many traders take the opportunity to rent a place for selling different things in some of the areas.

I saw a quite big market when I where looking for another thing on the sport center here. The sport center conatins a school where you are able to study both language, mathematics and gung fu as youngster. You are also able to go to classes in gung fu as older.

The Sport center in Wuxi you'll find on Jiangsu Sheng, Wuxi Shi, Binhu Qu. This day there where a lot going on in the center.

I saw a lot of pearls and amber in here. This is the south-east asia amber you'll find down here. Lot of this amber is white but you also see it in other colours like this yellow one. I see the amber is not as transparent as the nordic or european kind. It can be hard trading with amber if you don't got the knowledge. You got some tips for how you detect if it is real amber on

Mr.Cai Yu Qiang
I found a lot of cultured flood pearls here. However I think these where quite exensive compared with them I saw on the nanchan temple city market.

I saw a lot of food and spices on this market.

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This is Bamboo that are used in a lot of different dishes. I think you are able to get this in chinese restaurants nearly all over the world. Bamboo is used to a lot of things here.

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Lot of spices. It smelled different depending on where you where standing.

kaffe till salu
This salesman where trying to sell hundreds of different coffe varities. I do not know if it where so much cheaper then walmart but 40 yuan for 1 kg good coffe is affordable compared with europe.

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