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In wuxi you'll have to visit the Nanchan city temple market

Here you buy everything from noodles to Aston Martin.

You'll find the market on 32 Xiangyang Rd, Nanchang Qu, Wuxi Shi. Quite close the Library in Wuxi. You'll find it quite easy with . Most cab drivers also know the place because it is very popular amongst tourists.

market street
A lot of stands and old buildings. It smells different when you change street or alley. Different kind of goods everywhere. I also saw nearly unlimited with different food everywhere.

This shop where interesting. Lee jeans for around 100 Yuan(13$). You should be careful with these but they looked like they had quite a good quality and if you just want a pair for yourself this could be a good deal.

Mr.Cai Yu Qiang
I saw pearls out on the street and in many shops here. You should know a little before you buy something here. Normally the pearls gives a kind of scratchy sound if you bute them with your teeths. You could also try to hold a lighter below them. They also feel a little different when you hold them. Lighter then glass and also a bit warmer. If you get someone who knows pearls with you you could do good deals here. This is mostly Tai hue lake flood pearls.

massor av smycken av jade, guld, silver samt porslin
On the different market streets you'll see lot of stands close to eachothers. Hundred of traders with jade, amber, pearls and chinese porcelain. I also saw a lot of beuatiful made toys for children in wood and plastic. Lot of colours, lot of laughs and hard trading. It will give you a day just looking on all products.

utanfoor stora marknaden
Outside the big market streets I saw smaller stands where smaller "hobby" traders tried to sell things like porcelain, gems, paintings and carpets. You could do some good business here but you'll need some knowledge. The easiest thing, should be, the pearls. I've seen professionals using their teeth to determin if they are real. Amber could be a little harder. One way I see these traders use is to burn the amber with a lighter. Fake amber should burn. When we are talking gold you could need something like sulphure acid. Gold never get destroyed of acid. It is a bit different with silver. Regarding chinese porcelain you'll find plenty of fakes. On christies auction New york:s homepage you see some of the things you should consider when checking chinese porcelain. The first thing you should do is checking the signature in the bottom of the piece. Does it look real or is it just a stamp or a sticker? Is the signature painted or is it just "glued" on? Is the signature right for this period of antiques? Is just some of the things you'll have to check. In Gothenburg we´ve got an expert n chinese porcelain. His name is Jan-Erik Nilsson and participated in the project of rebuilding the old Eastindiaman Gothenburg in the 80:s last century. He became an expert on the china Sweden wehere trading over the seas the period between 18:th and 19:th century. You'll see a lot about chinese marks and signatures on chinese porcelain>>>. Regarding gold the easiest way to check if it is real is simply using a magnet. If the "gold" is atracted to the magnet there is not too much gold in the gem. Another way could be using a piece of glass. If you are able to make marks in the glass it is something else then gold. You could also buy a toolkit for checking the gold on amazon. Costs 49$. Could be worth the money if you are planning buying lot of gold. Get it here>>>

I saw a lot silk here

This place in China got a long tradition of silk

snygga burkar
I saw shops there where offering silk everywhere. You are able to make a good deal in most of them. I bought a scarf for just 10 yuan(about 1$).

hog hastigets tag
It was very exciting seeing an old, traditional, chinese pharmacy on the inside
. Some of the old home remedies are still kept in these old stores but I don not think you should trust all of them. Like the myths about antlers, tortoiseshell and dried snakes.

Just like every other suburb to Shanghai you've got plenty of waterways or channels and you are able to get a good tour for an affordable price. I think they even serve food on some of the boats. In Wuxi you are near the Grand kanal who is a couple of thousands old waterway that goes all the way from Beijing down to Hangzhou. It should be the worlds longets built waterway and is 177o kilometer long. This channels where first built during the Sui dynasty 581-618 BC, and later continued to cover all the way up to Beijing. You are able to read more about this channels on english wikipedia>>>

tysk pub
Around the channels in Wuxi you often find people that speaks English. So if you loose your way completely then try visiting these places. You could also try Hotel Nikko Wuxi, you'll see on this map.

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