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Suzhou market has a lot to offer. Among other things, several markets with crafts

Here are several talented artisans who are known throughout China and even the world.

Teapots and accessories where called, from the beginning, China in the UK. In this picture you see a champion who have done 12 years in learning to produce these works of art. His name is ZhouNian.

Fajance's, really, an invention from Persia but today these are made by hand from various workshops in China. What distinguishes the ordinary from fajance ware is that it does not burn as hard, usually has a porous type of goods, and have more opportunities for colors. In ancient times mostly tin or lead was used to seal the porous metal and make the glaze.

Mr.Cai Yu Qiang
This is Caijin Xing who is making teapots in stone. I did not find it, but there should be a movie about his craft out there somewhere on museum of China's website. Must see if I can find this later.

You'll discover a lot of different crafts in these markets.

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This is Li Ji Mei painting snuff bottles or Bi Ye that was used by the court to snuff for a long time. Li paint by using a curved brush getting colour on the inside of the bottles. You can read more about snuff bottles on wikipedia.

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Click on the picture to see the details Very detailed paintings.
You'll need a steady hand to be able performing these painted bottles.

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Everywhere you see stores. It's an experience just to walk by for looking into the shop windows and entrance.

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Very beautiful designs and fine craftsmanship in all these craft of silk.

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And affordable. Here you'll get a stylish scarf for 29 yuan (around 3$).

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