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I got some nice looking jewelry with me home

I brought green and white jade, chinese flood pearls and amber with me home. The pearl neckles and my green Jade buddha statuets where popular so these I got rid of short after I got home.

bracelet of white natural jade
Bracelet of white natural jade
The chinese got a saying "Gold has a value but jade is invaluable". Mostly because every jadestone is unique. Another important matter is that it has been seen as heaven and earth in one gem. The white jade where most popular among ancient chinese emperors. Later, in the ming and quin dynasty, the green jade where more popular. Jade is seen as giving calmness and wisdom to man down here. According to Buddhism, the jade combine chastity, courage, justice, modesty and wisdom. As you see in the chinese culture. This small bracelet I bought on Nanchan city tempel market in Wuxi. Luckily, I had a a friend with me down here that had some knowledge about trading in these markets. I would recommend that you do the same. Prices go up something terrible when they see you are from europe or U.S. Another thing I learned down here was that most Chinese are very small and therefore things like bracelets, clothes, shoes and similar got a very small size. This jade bracelet might fit any girl around the age of ten up here in the west.

Neckles with buddha in white jade for men
  should give you health and happiness.

Mr.Cai Yu Qiang
White jade figurines for woman
. These more looked like "ordinary" neckles for woman or even men. They should also give you, family, friends happiness and health.

Mr.Cai Yu Qiang
East asian amber bracelet
. This is probably the most expensive amber you can buy here in southeastern China. This particular color occurs only here. Amber is said to pull out all the negative emotions in the body and bringing health, warmth and happiness. The amber is 30 to 60 million years old and has been occured from sap of spruce or cedar. It sucked out carbon dioxide from the air and then turned it into energy. According to many of the Buddha's religions amber shall provide energy and much more. Many therefore carries an amber close to body for getting some happiness, success and wealth. This item, I was initially a little skeptical about buying but was persuaded and took it home. I must say it fascinates actually a little and looks impressive.

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