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Some services for finding maps you could use in China.

free google map for china
Mapedy free offline maps for china
This one should work in most cities of china. You got it for android phones and you should be able to use it offline. You'll find it on google play>>> . Remember to install it before you get there.

gratis karta wuxi
actually got a useful map over Wuxi in China. You are able to search with our latin letters but most streets and parks are marked with chinese signs. Could be difficult to understand.

bing maps fungerar i kina
Bing maps
has translated the street names to english. I hear that some places in China got problems reaching this Bing. It is though the best map I've found to now over China. When you are in China you are, directly, moved to the chinese Bing.

gratis karta
is an older service that still works. Here you got street names in chinese however.

I have not tried yet in China. I hear from a known here you are actually able to use this service on a laptop.

gratis karta igen
is also avaiable in China.

The place I got best wifi in Wuxi where in Bank of China. However you maybe need a chinese mobile to get a password for the wifi. Does not be too difficult to get some help getting password here.

Just like other places in the world, most McDonalds got free wifi. Just like KFC and other fastfood restaurants.

Tripadvisors tips on what to see in Wuxi China, travelchinaguides tips

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