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Hostels in Wuxi China.

I did not see too many hostels in Wuxi but just outside the city. I would not recommend hostels here other then when you are in desperate need. The staff mostly do not understand or speak english and the rooms are not the best. I also see that most hostels in China just accept people with a chinese passport and creditcard.

You'll get a recent hotelroom for 10£ or 14$ if you use a service like this one>>> If you go direvtly to the hotel the prices, usually, gets very high so I recommend you book it before you go to the hotel. You are able to cancel the booking if you suddenly got other planes. I saw it could also be difficult finding hotel staff that where able to speak or understand english. You do yourself a good service by getting some friends down here. Trust me you could need it. Like when you shall find food, getting a train or just a hotel room. I found some hotels with english speaking staff and are collecting them on a page here.

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Wuxi Xvxiake International Youth Hostel
offers free wifi, bike renting, ac, bar, restaurant, shop, library and other things. If you just need to spend one night this could be a good option.

Xindongfang hostel
is a hostel where you'll need to be chinese citisen. If you want to book here you need a chinese creditcard and passport. I also doubt if they speak or understand english.

The only hotel I got the opportunity to try with english speaking staff where motel 168.

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A night picture on Motel 168.
Good breakfast and nice environment. I would recommend it.

Double tree hilton got english speaking staff
And a good service.

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You'll find hundreds of hotels in wuxi here

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