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Green Inn hotel in Wuxi could be hard to find but offers good rooms and affordable prices.

However I did not hear anyone that where able to understand english on this place. You'll need a iTranslate or a guide that speaks english if you want a room here. By the way. Do not go right to the hotel and book a room. They discover you are a from the west and will raise the prices immediately. I suggest book the hotels before on a booking agent like this. I have found some hotels that got english speaking staff and are presenting them on this page>>>

Green inn
is a hotel that lives up to expectations. As hotel. But you'll need an app like iTranslate to be able to get any connection with the staff here. The best way should be if you know someone speaking Chinese to get any service for room. You'll find the hotel on the opposite side of a small shop called Jiang Su Yin Hang you find on <a href="" title="google maps">8 Changjiang N Rd, Binhu Qu, Wuxi Shi, Jiangsu Sheng</a>. Du hittar det mitt emot en liten butik kallad Jiang Su Yin Hang som du hittar på 8 Changjiang N Rd, Binhu Qu, Wuxi Shi, Jiangsu Sheng . Remember!!! In china google is forbidden so you'll need to print out a map if you want to find it when you get here. You are able to stay here for 30$ a night. Book here>>> You could take bus 31 from Wuxi railwaystation and then jump off by Wuxi Shi, Binhu Qu bus station..

fina sangar
Nice beds, free wifi, a good restroom with shower, television with two english channels and a lot more.

In every hotel I visited here you had a waterbiler, water and power plugs. Even for our plugs. You could go down to a supermarket and buy noodles, soda and beer for a couple of yuan but why note try the big breakfast you'll get here for 20 yuan(about 3 $).

Some pictures from the breakfast

mycket mat
Yes, you'll get plenty of food. The difference between our european breakfast is that they are offering a kind of dinner even for breakfast. Lot of rice, noodles, vegetables, eggs and other stuff. You also get the opportunity to fry and egg yourself.

mycket frukost
You also find sausages, bread, peanuts and other items like a kind of warm soyamilk that tasted quite different. I did not find any good coffee so I suggest you buy some nestlé powdercoffe in a supermarket and bring with you.

typisk frukost
This is what an ordinary breakfast could look like. The word fork is not usual here. You get a kind of fat spoon beside the chopsticks you could use if you find these too complicated.

duktig portion for 50 skr
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