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A lot of the fastfood chains are appearing in China

Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC is very popular in China. I saw this brand nearly everywhere in wuxi. Here yoou've got a descent wifi.

Also McDonalds i visible in many cities.

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You'll see them on most railwaystations, in malls and in the street. I thought their coffe tasted excellent. I payed 11:50 RMB for a cup and I think that is nearly similar price to what we have to pay in europe.

You also find starbucks coffee in many places here but I will not recommend them. High prices, bad service and coffee. No, go to McDonalds instead.

green beans
Family-mart is a japanese chain of fastfood restaurants that are very popular. These you also find in most cities here. You are able to get nearly everything from a soda, sandwich, can of soup, warm vegetables, tofu or meat on a stick, a cup of coffee and a beer. Quite affordable too. You are able to sit in the restaurant or bring it with you.

Chinese fast food

porslin och fajans
The chinese are trying, just like us, establishing their own fastfood chains. This is a kind of fastnoodle restaurant with a lot of dishes to choose from.

Dumplings is also popular and lot of fastfood restaurants with this dish. Taste quite delicious.

nudels with peanuts
This is a bowl with rice noodles. With peanuts and hot spices. These bowls you'll get for about 9 yuan(about 1$).

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