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Food is affordable and usually very tasty in China.

One thing is certain and that is, you'll never have to go hungry in China. You'll find food everywhere. However, the locals tells us that you should be careful with some of the food served by the side of the road. Choose a restaurant instead. These are very meticoulus with their goodwill. They loos all their customers if someone hears that the restaurant caused illness to someone. In an ordinary restaurant you'll get satsified for 10 yuab(about 1 $).   In China you'll get chopsticks and a spoon. Nothing else. It takes some time to learn how too. A manner you'll have to learn about chopsticks is let the chopsticks lie on the bowl when you are not using them. If you place them, as most of us westernes will do, vertical in the dish or rice then you are giving a signal of death. This signal should just be used if you are grieving or want to make trouble.

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Chinese food menu: how to order - chinese menu like a pro
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You'll gonna see a lot of noodle restaurants everywhere in China.

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This is a noodlesoup with dumplings that you get for 31 yuan(about 4,5$). If you want rice with it you maybe has to pay 32 yuan(round 5$). This plate is enought for 2 la doufu
This is Ma La Doufu or Mapo Doufu(the copper scarred old womans bean cheese). A delicious dish that usually is quite hot. You'll see a recipe on this page>>>

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This variant of rice tasted wonderful. Fried rice filled with vegetables. I beleive it was some kind of spinach on the inside.

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Serve the People: A Stir-Fried Journey Through China

As a freelance journalist and food writer living in Beijing, Jen Lin-Liu already had a ringside seat for China’s exploding food scene. When she decided to enroll in a local cooking school—held in an unheated classroom with nary a measuring cup in sight—she jumped into the ring herself. Progressing from cooking student to noodle-stall and dumpling-house apprentice to intern at a chic Shanghai restaurant, she finds poor young men and women streaming in from the provinces in search of a “rice bowl” (living wage); a burgeoning urban middle class hungry for luxury after decades of turmoil and privation; and the mentors who take her in hand in the kitchen and beyond. Together they present an unforgettable slice of contemporary China in the full swing of social and economic transformation.

how to use chopsticks
How to Use Chopsticks: A Guide to Japanese Dining and Culture
Despite the high praise and talk of endlessly delicious food, there is a certain level of intimidation when it comes to dining at a Japanese restaurant. Even just using a pair of chopsticks can be pretty nerve-wracking for the uninitiated. But more than just being a pair of utensils to eat with, chopsticks have become iconic for Japanese cuisine and it has come to stand for the culture that dictates the unique Japanese dining experience. By mastering a pair of chopsticks, you are also exposing yourself to a world built by centuries of cooking and eating and enjoying meals with friends and family. In How to Use Chopsticks, you will not only get detailed instructions in how to use a pair of chopsticks, you will also find out how to handle them properly in the Japanese way. You’ll not only know what to do when dining with Japanese company, you will also learn the reasons behind the dining protocol expected in Japanese restaurants. You will also find out more about different Japanese food, the restaurant culture, and the underlying soul of Japanese food that has captured the fascination and attention of food lovers everywhere. With this book, you can immerse yourself in the secrets and the attraction of good Japanese food and the immense culture that it has created.

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