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The new year starts 28 of Januar 2017 in China

Everywhere you see decorations with chickens and roosters. This is in front of a supermarket in Wuxi.

This is one of the squares in the center of Wuxi. Here is a red carpet and a lot of decorations by the side for celebrations.

New year in China is very important.

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These signs stands for "Bai N ien" that means "visit your families and friends". This is a must in the chinese tradition. This also means that nearly every hotel, train, flight and tranport is overbooked. This is the longets period of holiday in China and goes on to the middle of februar. I hear that supermarkets just got a couple of hours open daytime during this period. Many companies gives the staff a couple of extra It looks like our christmas holiday.

As I understand most of china sits behind the television the evening before chinese new years.

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Many kids got a package like this below their pillow. Looks like our christmas gifts in the west. many of these packages are containing money.

Well it is about the roosters year. Isn't it?

Yes, it is fired a lot of rockets even these days. When I visited Wuxi in November I heard rockets and firecrackers every evening and night. Maybe they fire of eben more on chinese new year eve.

South China morning post tells that around 52 millions chinese are now returning to their work in China.

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