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I discovered you've got hundreds of free apps for learning chinese.

Why not learn a new language while sitting waiting on a bus stop, in a cab or other places. These courses in chinese is quite amusing and entertaining. I gibe my own reviews on some here.

hello chinese
Hello Chinese
starts with the pin yin alphabet and also gives you some skills in writing chinese signs. After every chapter you'll get a quiz where you get a spoken word/spell and then a couple of different pin yin syllables to choose. You also get training in you own pronounciation, how to write and so on. Entertaining lessons. One strange thing I discovered, however, is that you'll need to register an account before you could start the application. I did not see this anywhere in the application. The better things with this one is that it fits well in small window like on a smartphone.

chinese skills
Chinese skills
is made just like a quiz. Could also be quite entertaining. You get a pronounciation and then has to choose the correct syllables or picture. Could easily kill a couple of hours. I beleive you'll need a surfboards for these from chinese skills. The application gets a bit too small on a mobile window.


coursus for you who you on andoid
Learn Chinese Mandarin Words
From same series, Chinese skills. This one become some more difficult. This is more of a game "guess the right syllables" or written sentences. Then you'll get either a glad or a pissed panda due to your answer. Also entertaining

speak chinese is more on how to pronounce
Speak Chinese
is focusing on getting the pronounciation and wovels right. Like the one before. You get a quiz where you'll have to gues right picture or syllables.

a lot of good lessons in puthognua
Learn Mandarin Chinese Phrases
Looks like previous. This one does not got so many adverts like the one before.

communicate with a chinese
Learn chinese communication
similar concept but more adverts. Could be quite irritating after half an hour. You got a place where you could shut the advert down but after a while it gets rather tireing.

I love this one
Learn chinese by teno media
This one also got a lot of different situations like greetings, people and so on. The difference with this one is that you could check your own prounciation by clicking the microphone and then get the application checking the sound from you.

hundreds of free chinese lessons on android
You've got hundreds of applications on google play for learning chinese
One thing is certain and that is "you don't got a good excuse for not being able to learn chinese with all these lessons on line.

American peacecorps got many useful mp3 files you are able to download and listen to for learning mandarin.

freechineselessons is a lot of lessons and videos where you learn chinese.

Cambridge universitet got a 470 Mb big file with a lot of lessons.

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Crash Course Chinese - Learn Chinese Fast With a Native Speaker: 500+ Essential Phrases to Build Your Chinese Vocabulary, Chinese, Learn Chinese, Chinese Phrasebook, Mandarin Study Aid

LEARN TO SPEAK CHINESE IN JUST HOURS WITH A NATIVE SPEAKER What's the fastest way to learn a new language? The answer is more simple than you think. In nearly every language, 80% of what's spoken daily derives from 20% of the entire language. What does that mean for you? Picking up a new language does not require a laborious study of grammar formulas and verb conjugations. Instead, if you just focus on the right parts of the language - the absolute essentials - you WILL be able to communicate in a new language WITHIN DAYS. This book helps you achieve just that. This Chinese language guidebook supplies you with ALL THE ESSENTIAL spoken Chinese language you need in daily conversations and on trips abroad. This book is written by a NATIVE CHINESE SPEAKER who has lived in Beijing, China and taught Mandarin Chinese to English speakers. In addition to language instruction, this book takes a step further to distinguish between "local talk" from mere dictionary words. For those of you taking the HSK exams, this book is a great supplement to help you study from HSK Level 1 to HSK Level 3. A Preview of What You'll Learn Here: - Comprehensive Pronunciation Guide - A Grammar Foundation - Essential Survival Phrases ○ Greetings ○ What to Say During Emergencies ○ Asking for Directions ○ On the Taxi ○ Asking for Necessities ○ Talking About Different People ○ Most Common Adjectives, Verbs, and Places - Talk about Numbers, Time, and Day - Phrases for Specific Situations ○ Getting to Know Someone ○ Eating Out ○ Shopping and Bargaining ○ Money and Currency ○ At the Bar ○ BONUS: Romantic Endeavors - Guide to the Most Useful Chinese Characters to Recognize During Your Travels GET YOUR BOOK TODAY!

Chinese signs and letters

Could help you understand how important the pronounciation is for saying different words. As example the word Guan could mean both official or lodging depending on how you pronounce it.

There are around 56000 chinese signs and I have not heard that anyone, even in China, be able to remember all of these. A "normal" chinese is maybe able to understand around 5-6000 of these signs. To be able to understand something of a chinese newspaper you'll need to understand, at least, 2000 signs. You get a long way with 1500 to be able to understand signs and pr in trainstations, restaurants and that kind of signs. Many of the signs is logical because they show a picture like a rebus so with some kind of fantasy you could understand quite a lot of them. Like the sign for good(Hao) is written with a child and a woman. The sign for origin is symbolised with two persons and so on.

Ackording to asian art museum in Los Angeles the chinese where the first one who used the art of prinitng and not, as we have beleived for a long time, Johannes Gutenberg. You'll find a lot of interesting material about china out on their website

You'll find a lot of interesting explanations and are also able to hear the pronounciation from different chinese signs out on or chinese for europeans is a coursus made for us living in Europe made by the european commission.

You also find a lot of chinese signs with pronounciation out on rocket language. This website contains translation and pronounciation for different words divided in animals, being polite in chinese, food and many other subjects.

The english alphabet written with simplified chinese. got a course about writing in chinese on the first page you'll see how you write some numbers like 1=-, 2= =, 3=三, 4=四 and so on. They show you an animation on how you write the signs. Quite practical.

Learn Chinese EZ Got a whole bunch of useful information.

Some funny translations of chinese letters. I've seen that we do the same. That will say use google translator for translating chinese language. Simple phrases usually get a success but as long as we try translating whole sentences we get into the same problems. Some of them are quite funny and I understand why chinese, sometimes, get a laughter when I've been trying translating text.

Some more from bordepanda

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