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A popular tourist spot around Wuxi is the famous film city "City of three kingdoms".

This place where built in 1993 to be used for recording a lot of famous stories about the time where three big empires fought for power 200 BC to 280 AC. You'll find a lot of famous stories written during the dark ages in China and CCTV decided this should be dramatized and filmed. CCTV made a long tv serie called " Romance of the Three Kingdoms". It where seen on chinese television first time 1994 and then continued for 84 episodes. These three kingdoms(or empires) where the Wei, Shu and Wu. Wu is today area of Wuxi and suzhou. The area around Tai Hue Lake. The whole area for 3 kingdoms are 350 000 square meters. Same size as Old Town in Stockholm, Sweden. Around 3 kingdom city you also got the Water Margin city and the city of Tang Dynasty who are of similar area each. Take a good pair of shoes on your feets, check the weather forecast and use appropriate clothes because it will be a long day as soon you are inside the gate. You are able to see most of the episodes in "Romance of three kingdoms" on Daily motion. Here you've got english text so you do not have to understand Mandarin.

You pay 50 RMB per area you want to see. We payed 90 RMB and then also got entrance to water margin city. The easiest way to get here is by bus 82 from Wuxi railwaystation.

Just inside the gates the three emperors are standing as statues with their soldiers and admirals.

Mr.Cai Yu Qiang
To the left from these statues you've got the "three heroes fighting luby" that gives performances every day by 10 am. You are invited to join the performance with proper outfit if you want to. In this luby there have been many recordings for the tv series.

cao cao
Around the park there is a lot of statues on the different emperors like this Cao Cao who led a big army for conquering this part of China. Cao Cao ruled northern China during this period and got power by defeat the yellow turbans rebellion. The yellow rebellion was a peasant revolution in 184 AC where the peasants fight the Han dynasty. The revolt where also the start of Luo Guanzhongs historical novel Romance of three Kingdoms. After Cao Cao has struck down the revolt he got promoted to King or Duke of Wei. Cao Cao where determined to conquer all of China and made this by different alliances. There is a lot of stories about how this guy got fooled and how he then made revenges and so on. One story tells about a spy that had fooled Cao Cao to fix his boats for avoid his sailors got seasick. Then the enemies easier could hit the boats with flaming arrows and burn the boats down. You are able to read more about this story in "romance of three kingdoms" on 3kingdomspodcast. Cao Cao where also known for both be able to manage both the sword and the pen. He actually wrote a couple of poems that are still known by the population in China. His sons Cao Pi and Cao Zhi also published some famous poems. Cao Cao developed a kind of alliance with the peasants. This alliance meant that the peasants provided food and money for his soldiers and Cao Cao then, in return, protected the peasants against enemies.

Down by the lake you are able to try some of Cao Cao.s boats. You pay 20 Yuan for a trip.

cao caos boats
This is one of the boats. I would recommend doing this trip during the summer because in November it was quite cold out on the sea on these boats.

In Water Margin City they are recording.

This part is as big as the first one. Three kingdom city. Many buildings and different areas to discover.

hog hastigets tag
Everywhere you'll see actors that are involved in different tv shows and acts for television or films.

klicka for stor bild
Behind this gate there where something like a tv show going on.

snygga burkar

There where a lot of actors dressed in wigs and different dresses.

small actor
One of the actors here. Looked like most of these actors enjoyed standing in a front of a camera. A bit like a lot of photobombers in everyone and where not afraid at all standing as an object to take a photo of. Nice people, you'll get a lot of smiles and sometimes also an offer of joining them on a photoshoot or a tv show.

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