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new year 2018
16:th of februar the year of the brown dog starts
. Try to not travel in China the following week. Every hotel, transport and flights are crowded.

facebook coming to china?
CNN and lot of other medias tells us that the Moment from facebook is starting in China.

Another culture with a long history is Tai Chi Chuan.
you see people everywhere practising this ancient practise, I show you some moves here.
You'll see ordinary people practising these moves everywhere in China.
I saw it in the morning, lunch break and in different sports centers.

Lot of flowers in the city of Wuxi right now.
lot of flowers and green grass in Liyuan garden
Lot of wonderful flowers and animals in the LiHu Park.
I got some wonderful pictures that screams spring from Xian down here.

Some of my pictures from Wuxi China

I got the opportunity to visit Wuxi( the city of the three kingdoms) November 2016. I beleive I've never seen so much difference in culture, language, people and food. Unfortunately you are not able to see more then just a bit during a month in htis city with 4,5 millions inhabitants. and also publish everything is a challenge. I also tried visiting other places around the city and got opportunity to try the highspeed train between Wuxi and Nanchang. Trust me that was an experience.

talar engelska
You could have use of some lessons in mandarine before you go.
I managed to collect some good free courses from the net you could use while travelling or maybe some weeks before you go. Mandarin is very different from our western languages. You do not find any grammar like in ours. The important item in chinese language is five different ways of pronounce the wovels. If yoy pronounce wrong your expression mean a totally different word. You are not able to use google translate in China as China has banned google.. I suggest you download an application called iTranslate before you go. This one you are able to use as soon you got wifi somewhere. You'll find iTranslate on google play and iTunes.

hotels where they speak english
I am collecting hotels in Wuxi I see are able to understand and speak english
. I discovered english where not quite usual in Wuxi and had trouble with understanding and make me understood on many hotels here. I've asked many hotels if they speak english and got a couple of answers. I've also asked a friend to visit these hotels to check this is right. You find them here>>>

channels or waterways in wuxi
you'll find a lot of channels in this area. The channels has been here for thousand of years and benn used for transportation. The worlds longest waterway, the grand channel, crosses Wuxi and goes all the way from Hangzou in the south to Beijing in the north. around the channels you'll find a lot of old buildings and a lot of markets, restaurants, museums and supermarkets.

fan li buidling, 3kingdoms city i wuxi
City of 3 kingdoms
an area with 35 hectars of replicas on old buildings from teh Han dynasty. This area where used to record the famous tv serie "the romance of the three kingdoms" by CCTV. This is a place where the chinese television built a huge place during the ninetees for making the tv serie. I recommend you take a good pair of shoes ,the right clothes and take a trip out here.

Lingshan Buddha
Lingshan Buddha
is another place you'll have to see. Huge area with an 88 meters high statue of Buddha.

In China people travel a lot.

high speed train
I discovered the chinese people look like they love to travel. The prices are quite affordable compared to ours. I tried the high speed train from wuxi to Nanchang, The distance where 700 kiloneters but the train made the trip in 3 hours. Even if it had to stop on many stations on the way. The train made more then 300 kilometers on many distances. The city buses are cheap to travel with. You pay 2 yuan coins in a small slot by the driver and then you are allowed to go by bus as it stops in the end station. See more here>>>

The chinese loves food.

green beans i Kina
And it is very affordable eating out. Everywhere you are able to buy noodles for a $(8 or 9 yuan). The restaurants are serving a lot of vegetables, rice and spiced dishes. as this plate with green beans, pork and chili. I give you some examples on recipes and what to think of here>>>


porslin och fajans i nanchan city temple market i wuxi
Everywhere you'll find chineses that are trying to sell something. As everything from a guide to different decorations, food or gems. Somehting I wuld recommend here is buying things in silk. You'll find many shops, markets and stands for this in wuxi plus even more in Suzhou. I bought a scarf in kashmir for 20 yuan(about 3$) down in Suzhou

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